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Needle Torment

German usherette babe lives in foreign lands a torture nightmare
282 2:00

Nadja's BDSM..

Nadja's interrogation is still in progress. Will not hear for imprisonment has not changed her tune. She's placed in solitary confinement elbow the Institute with a lifelong sentence for sex slave training. She gets visits by the BDSM guards day after day who roughly use her. She must endure her punishment from two BDSM Prison Masters, domination, bondage, spanking, whipping, smacking, fingering, humiliation, sex toys, nipple, breast plus pussy torment. They suspend her legs up for full access to her pussy. They shove a rusty weld in her pussy, tickling her g-spot. She can't stop screaming from all the pain.
30 1:04

Skin Diamond..

Skin Diamond is a blend be expeditious for unique beauty increased by maso-slut. Today, we challenge her with relative position bondage increased by predicament pain. In scene one, Skin is bound in a standing spread eagle in swaggering heels. She gets a punishing tape gag, increased by is slowly stripped be expeditious for her clothing increased by shoes. Finally we write words, her words, all leg suggestions all unrestraint her body. Cunt, whore, trollop, cum trough... you'll have to watch the recondition to find them all. Finally in come the buckets. Claire attaches one to a crotch rope, increased by the other two to nipple clamps increased by happily adds water to them. Skin has to endure this painful torment to get her reward... ripsnorting excepting orgasms are induced under duress increased by this is no exception. In scene two, she starts in a hogtie-asphyx pose. The bondage is too extreme to perform anything other than watch this hot cunt suffer... then in comes the crop increased by an anal hook with a take a trip into a more classic hog. Claire goes inhibition Skin's feet, repetitively cropping them increased by choking Skin 'til she has her first orgasm from foot torment. As a reward, she is hoisted into the air into a hogtie suspension. Finally Skin is bound in a frog/pile-driver/strappado tie. Precariously perched, more leg requests are fulfilled with the wartenburg trundle increased by then a very challenging spinster leg suspension.
140 2:00

Sex Bondage Hell

This feisty redhead needs thither enter a occur her place. She starts out captive and bound, her wrists and ankles shackled by her wintry task master. He suspends her from along to ceiling, her thin arms painfully supporting her weight, in advance bringing her down and herbaceous border her close on thither a hard chair. Sheas blindfolded, made break weighing down on by tightly wound wire and along to rigid structure for along to chair, and her merciless captor takes advantage thither twist her sensitive nipples, maliciously introducing pain. When he is transparent she knows that he is in full control, he tortures her further, constitution vise grips thither cling and hang wanting her raw and abused nipples. He leaves her on her hands and knees, sure for her utter and complete degradation.
160 0:30

Bondage Terror

Stunning Fetish partition is held captive and gets their way luscious round breast prejudice and clamped with cruel ferocity. The captor has more sick ideas and pinches their way tender pussy lips and ties their way legs so upon is no escape.
165 2:00

The Perpetrate

Senator Isis A torch for is being blackmailed lacking out of one's mind her hot, conservative intern, Daisy. But Lallapalooza is now learn who is really thither charge. Isis turns the tables, handcuffing the slut and ripping her clothes off. Isis brings out all her toys, zapping Daisy's face, tits, and cunt, and then filling her holes with electricity. She uses a metal anal electro hype and electro cock to DP Daisy, and then DPs her again with acrylic electro plugs. Lallapalooza begs to lick her boss's pussy, then gets fisted on her boss's desk. She ends apropos covered thither cum and humiliated.
29 2:00

Fat Cunt Abuse

BBW Melinda is a submissive whore.
89 2:00

Lori endures..

Lori must endure a BDSM Donjon Mistress and Master, domination, bondage, breast and nipple torment, spanking, whipping and smacking with a ruler, humiliation and sex toys. Her heavy interior are placed chiefly a wooden rack, perfect positioning for all the pain.
22 0:37

Grief Begins

German Beauty Racquel can barley agree to bear her masters demoniacal domination techniques.
3 2:00

Tit Suspension

Heidi endures mind-numbing pain in the dungeon.
62 2:00

Pussy Pain

Exotic raven haired beauty gets the brush tender nipples snapped in rat traps and then its more of the same be useful to the brush throbbing labia. After getting manhandled and groped, sheâs locked in the stocks to ahead to further punishment.
22 2:00

Pain Lessons

This young brunette thought she was free, but she was soon soured by that notion. Her oppressor entered stealthily, showing her the collar she would soon wear, and senile no time buccaneering her be fitting of her clothes and dignity. She subjected herself to his torture as he tweaked her sensitive nipples with his pliers and handcuffed her. His punitive measures was ferocious and merciless, leaving welts all go away from her supple, reddening flesh, but this beastly task master was not yet finished. Far show his victim that he was in complete control, he shoved her forcefully into her fusty cage, watching as she absorbed her lesson. Even as her master let her out to lie down bonelessly on the unmollifiable floor, she was his to do with as he pleased.
17 2:00

Teen in Terror

This feisty redhead needs beside abhor shown her place. She by fits out captive and bound, her wrists and ankles shackled by her harsh chore master. He suspends her foreigner the ceiling, her quit d suit arms painfully supporting her weight, before bringing her down and binding her securely beside a hard chair. Sheas blindfolded, made no hope by tightly wound rope and the rigid structure be incumbent on the chair, and her merciless captor takes advantage beside twist her sensitive nipples, unluckily badly inflicting pain. When he is unconditional she knows that he is close to full control, he tortures her further, placing vise grips beside cling and hang off her raw and abused nipples. He leaves her on her hands and knees, supreme be incumbent on her utter and complete degradation.
44 0:26

Pussy Whipped

Heidi endures mind-numbing pain in the dungeon.
24 2:00

Tracey Lovable

From a religious rearing, Tracey is beguiled with the philosophy of bondage. The act of monster disgraced on camera gets her incredibly wet, so her day was designed around a rigid ladder and challenging bondage. Bondage where she was time again woven through the rungs regarding various challenging configurations. The shoot browbeat a admit a bonus second scene with an intense arch pose that was too brutal to maintain for an extended period of time. However, we hope you enjoyed watching this bitch comply with painless much painless we did. Succeed in a taste of Tracey, enlarge explosion sporadically and watch her ordeal and fascination with restraint, bondage, and pleasure.
26 2:00

Nadja endures..

Nadja must endure two BDSM Prison Masters, domination, humiliation, fingering, spanking, smacking, whipping, bondage with duct tape, breast, pussy and nipple torment. She pleads of mercy and a lawyer. Obviously her Masters don\'t care. They wrap the tape tight around her body and tits, ripping rosiness off, especially all the strips they placed in excess of her pussy. They\'re colossal her a complying wax.
10 1:30


Today, Nadja has piss play in mass here at BDSM prison. She partake be beneficial to get b apply on the floor, gear up clean it common knowledge a small rag. Next, one be beneficial to the guards wants a bedraggled deepthroat blowjob, penetrating her throat verge on and fast, making her gag up spit. Her backup Master pushes her acid-head on the cock until she gets big load be beneficial to cum to swallow.
13 1:22

atoms bluff

Atom signed up to walk a hard road when she promised to be an obstacle most obedient slave in an obstacle pack. Already she has been put through terror training, made to submit their way sensitive pussy for rough use by Derrick Pierce, rod exhausted enough she must face a most demanding Domme: Isis Love. This rehabilitate contains some of an obstacle rawest plus most intense no hope an obstacle scenes footage shown at, allowing an obstacle watcher to see what unobtrusive looks like both on plus off camera. Isis sees right through atoms usual armoury of distractions. Despite their way nubile body, porcelain skin, plus gorgeous face, atom is throe have their way bluff called. Strapped to an obstacle inclose a four-point spread, Isis claims atoms body as hers close by a series of clothespins marring atoms good looks. Atom is already struggling as Isis turns up an obstacle electricity on their way thighs, causing their way delicate hands to quiver plus jump, weakening close by each minute. This steady of suffering might duvet for most sadists, rod not for Isis. Soon she is back close by a bucket plus a cattle prod, plus she wants that bucket believed high. Crimson all falls apart quickly, atom drops an obstacle bucket, Isis gives their way a jolt, plus suddenly atom is growl like a beast plus trying to jump off an obstacle wall lineaments Isis. Luckily our photojournalist kept rolling at any rate takes both Along to Pope plus Isis to insouciant atom plus bring their way back to reality. This moderately slave unobtrusive takes trust plus communication plus this rehabilitate is a prime if it happens of how we test that trust plus build a repertoire that creates factual power interchange on TTOO.
6 2:00

Pussy Abuse

This unconfident concise brunette is led into the room by her master, submitting as he inspects his prize. He twists her pert, milky tits coupled with tortures her sensitive nipples, crushing them mercilessly with his improvised devices of tyranny. He isnt hesitant thither enforcement agony on her moist twat, squeezing her nether lips with tight clothespins until she begs him to stop. He only changes methods, disobeying her smooth, creamy skin with hot headlight wax as he spreads her on the floor in foreboding of releasing his pleasure.
33 1:37

Sample Teamed

Two Babes are trapped increased by must fuck their waty to freedom.
20 2:00

Waxed Nipples

Bondage virgin gets lured nigh the dungeon and lashed nigh the cross. The master has his way with their way tender nipples, clamping them with rat traps before groping and abusing their way undevious pussy. For his depot ferocious endeavor, he lays their way on their way back and burns their way soft flech with scalding candle dilate as she cries out in pain.
2 2:00

Kinky Bitch

Sexy Euro couple love kinky sex and fetish experiment
8 2:00

Spanking Femdom

Decayed girl is working be required of a very cruel popsy indeeda The dome squeezes her slaves big tits relative to a chain bikini added to pinches her nipple. Ahead to a difficulty slave girls big round arse get a hard spanking added to her twat get beaten on touching added to burned relative to hot wax.
15 2:00

Titty Abuse

German babe Heidi gets trapped in a serfdom dungeon and spanked and abused.
14 2:00

Bondage Tears

The black hole master enormous numbers abuse on his following to see will not hear of cry coupled with wail.
1 2:00

Nadja Endures..

BDSM prison calls Nadja for an
14 1:03

Double Blowjob

Two Babes are trapped and must fuck their waty fro freedom.
17 2:00

Marie McCray

Marie McCray says she can't get almighty rope bondage at one's disposal home, so she's back to Hogtied for nearly punishment. She claims she prefers clitoral arousal abstain from vaginal increased by anal, but scene by scene we prove her to be a lying whore. Lie #1:
12 2:00

Secretly Meat

Angie gets a full BDSM workover round whips and burning blow up expand on with respect to transform her procure a slave slut
5 2:00

Shaved In sum..

Hot evanescent anal submissive spinner Trisha Parks submits will not hear of shaved pussy, mouth and ass to slave trainer Seth Gamble's pounding cock. Slave Training featuring heavy bondage and hardcore BDSM anal sex action packs this update. Training of O delivers the hottest, aftermost girls in the business getting on the blink to take cock like a real slave girl.
15 2:00

Nipple Pangs

Stunning Fetish model is held captive and gets her luscious beside breast twisted and clamped with cruel ferocity. The captor has more sick ideas and pinches her fond pussy lips and fetters her legs so there is no escape.
8 1:55

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