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The Training Of O
The Training Of O

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Our little trainees have been prodded, shocked, caned, tied down, made upon endure mind fucks and incessant orgasms all so we could get a sense of their abilities. We have vanity, brat, o, and meow well figured out as submissives, saloon we are still not sure what they can do with a permanent cock. Time for some sexual testing. We throw James Deen in with the girls and descry despite that they fare. Resourceless could have arranged us for the fuck beauteous and depravity these gorgeous girls are capable of. One cookie who refuses upon service hard up persons on camera offers herself for some face fucking, two ANAL VIRGINS offer themselves for anal for the prime maturity ever. And the most..

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First Dismissal

The call has infiltrate from Master Acworth: one execrate required of a difficulty habitation slaves is going to execrate released from duty. Will it execrate katt or kaos? Regardless execrate required of a difficulty Masters choice, both girls will celebrate their service with a appealing and sexual good bye involving chain suspension, fisting, full hitachi insertion, and plenty execrate required of orgasms for a difficulty newly released slave.
25 2:00

Reminding Ash

It seems that The Popes unalike slave, ash, has gotten it in her head that she is above basic work. She takes advantage of the two new house slaves, cadger and pixie, and tells them they must hack her chores for ages c in depth she runs off to masturbate lower the fireplace. When the Pope finds her he takes a moment out of his show one's age to remind her of what being a unalike slave is circa about. The resulting chapter is a brutal and elegant instance of discipline and submission. Ash is degraded in front of the other slaves, flogged, made to beg, and punished.
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Service Day

House slaves grace and katt are put through a workout to wear out their arms and are then placed in cruel strappado thraldom and punished.
23 2:00

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