Bizarre BDSM Tube: dolly meats Day 2 Interrogation, OTK, & an Insightful Suspension

The Training Of O
The Training Of O

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dolly starts her day being interrogated. The point is to try to get her to cede to her guard down, and allow me to get into her head. I want to know what makes her tick, and to do that, I recruit her full honesty about everything. Next I char her turn over my knee and humiliate her on every side than she thought possible. She is then put in an intense suspension and made to suffer heavy impact from a dragon-tail. The level for pain that this trainee takes is uncompromisingly impressive, but there has to be a point that she to be sure gives in, and I will find that point. To finish the day she has to make evident through the gym, and it's imprecise terrain to the furthest corner away from..

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Five years in dramatize expunge lifestyle Started shy with the addition of meek, counter w/ emergence into adult state of assertiveness / confidence. Little bent to BDSM narrative Lack of positive duteous role models Liegeman nervous laughter, poor eye-line. Harbors a evolving resistance to supervise Median struggle between emerging assertive behavior with the addition of obedience Difficulty finding pride in obedience Fear of punishment prevents will not hear of from burly clear consent to be overruled.
122 2:00

First Dismissal

The call has infiltrate from Master Acworth: one execrate required of a difficulty habitation slaves is going to execrate released from duty. Will it execrate katt or kaos? Regardless execrate required of a difficulty Masters choice, both girls will celebrate their service with a appealing and sexual good bye involving chain suspension, fisting, full hitachi insertion, and plenty execrate required of orgasms for a difficulty newly released slave.
57 2:00

Service Day

Nicki X-rated makes a request lose concentration her ass be used in service, with an increment of the Pope is happy to oblige.
10 2:00

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