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After her first day of becoming acclimated round how things work on TUF, it's time for rosie's initiation. She is exempt non-native the fullness she was left nearly away from Vexillum warn Hammer together with finds her place round the other slaves. Unfortunately for rosie, her nicest brutal critic is a hefty guest this evening: Goddess Soma. Soma has brought dissimilar slave up through the ranks nearly her time together with is not easily impressed. She puts rosie where she belongs, beneath her as a stool. After breaking rosie down round a few pointed questions, she has the slaves bring her through the positions together with correct her mistakes, bringing rosie to have an authentic melt..

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Kacie Castle arrives late for her training on The Info Floor, so Mickey Mod and senior slave Nikki Darling put her browse the ringer as punishment. Kacie's made to recite the rules, all while enduring a huge hard cock distress her throat, pussy and ass. She suffers one overwhelming orgasm after another, while she's bound and caned and fucked again and again, begging to fulfill her role and serve the house. Approximately the destroy she finally learns the rules, but is she ready for her collar? ...or does she still require more training?
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